We reinvest all our profits into improving our customers’ homes and services, as well as providing new, much needed homes.

Our job – day in day out – is to work with people to find a home. Customers come from many different backgrounds and circumstances. Families, retired people, single people, single parent families, some of whom are experiencing difficult journeys through life – substance use disorders, mental illness, feeling domestic abuse, homelessness. We need to be there for them in the ways they need us – the way we work matters.

Our customers need…

  • Better quality homes and places to minimise risks relating to health and safety, finances (affordability) and wellbeing. We need to achieve full compliance with the Home Standard and address priorities around building safety, energy efficiency, prevention of damp and mould, refuse and pest control and security.
  • Us to meet our service standards: meeting and keeping our promises is vital, so that customers feel we are easy to deal with, address their concerns and put things right.
  • Supported housing and associated services: to meet complex and growing need. Key services include specialist homes, adaptations in existing homes, plus support with financial wellbeing which has reached crisis point for many customers.
  • The ability to move to the right home: as lack of options causes customers to stay put in unsuitable homes rather than risk the security of their rental.
  • The option to purchase a home: with the right type of shared ownership to allow some customers to move out of rental and into home ownership.
  • More homes: scarcity of social housing is putting our current customers and waiting list applicants at risk of overcrowding, unsuitable housing and associated problems (including damp and mould).

Find out more about our plans to improve our homes and services in our Corporate Strategy 2023-2030.

Community investment and corporate social responsibility

Our range of value-added services, through our community investment initiatives and corporate social responsibility programme, comprise:

  • Youth enterprise and grant funding schemes
  • Accredited training programmes
  • Community events
  • Employment and educational advice and support
  • Charitable donations.

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