Land and joint venture opportunities

With ambitious plans to provide more than 5,009 homes in our development pipeline, we’re looking for land and joint venture partnership opportunities to deliver a diverse range of developments.

We want to work with joint venture partners aligned with what we do. Our plan is to deliver a third of all new homes in partnership with others, sharing risk, reward, experience and expertise.

We already have a number of successful joint venture partnerships, including with Mount Anvil to deliver Queen’s Wharf in Hammersmith and Keybridge in Vauxhall, Crest Nicholson at Walton Court in Walton-on-Thames and Elmsbrook, North-West Bicester and Nicholas King Homes.

We've also been working with Rydon to deliver the Jigsaw regeneration project at Green Man Lane in Ealing. See our portfolio for more information on these developments.

"It has been a pleasure working with the team who share our values and vision to help make the project such a success."

Tom Rigby, Development Director at Rydon

We have over 5,009 homes in the development pipeline, taking us to over 38,000 in management over the next few years with even more opportunities to grow.

We focus on London and southern England, where we are looking for:

  • Immediate land
  • Strategic land
  • Private rented sector opportunities
  • Sites in prime locations
  • Brownfield or greenfield sites
  • Sites with or without planning permission, on a conditional or unconditional basis.

Why work with us?

  • Breadth of knowledge and expertise: With proven planning expertise and a track record of winning land, our team is experienced and highly-skilled.
  • Long-term investor: As we retain and manage many of the homes we build, we take a long-term view and are co-investors with our purchasers, investing in the communities we work in.
  • A diverse business: We are interested in all tenures at all price points, from affordable rent and shared ownership to private rent and sale.
  • Financial strength: With total reserves of £960.5m and an A credit rating, we are financially strong and have the capacity to make decisions quickly.
  • Resilient to the property cycle: If the market falls, we have the strength and depth within our business to continue with our commitments.
  • Part of the solution to the country’s housing crisis: We are contributing significantly to meeting housing needs by increasing our developments.

Get in touch

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Director of Special Projects
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Simon Potts
Director of Land & Planning
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For more information about working with our land and development team, please contact us.