Find out how Faheem and fellow colleagues are helping unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

Housing Officer Faheem Chudry is one of many colleagues who are supporting our service to help unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC).
Housing Officer Faheem Chudry
Housing Officer Faheem Chudry
The UASC service provides vital support to vulnerable young people who have often travelled thousands of miles from war-torn countries in search of a better life.

The scheme started 2021 and provides individuals with safe accommodation. Colleagues also provide support by signposting specialist services to help them with their asylum application and integration into society.

The UASC service now includes 22 units of accommodation. Faheem said: “We have units in Oxford and Reading and they’re a mixture of four and five-bed houses, as well as one cluster flat of four units. The young people who live there come from all different backgrounds.”

As part of our Specialist Housing team, Faheem works closely with the UASC service as well as other people in vulnerable circumstances.

He said: “I cover quite a large patch of different services, all the way from Salisbury into London, out to Banbury and Wokingham. The unaccompanied asylum seekers’ service, domestic abuse service, young people, young parents, the rough sleeper’s initiative and complex needs.”

Faheem first joined us in 2016 on secondment to cover a colleague on maternity leave. He then had a stint in the police force before returning permanently in 2018.

Faheem is often the first line of contact for many residents, and he enjoys being able to interact with them regularly and build positive relationships.