Private landlord? The hassle-free way to rent your property

A2Dominion offers management services to the private rented sector, including tenancy management, property maintenance, asset management and financial reporting to investors. Currently we have 125 private landlords on our books, managing a total of 168 properties.
Our service means that landlords are spared the worry of general property maintenance and the difficulty of finding suitable tenants, or of evicting them should things go wrong.

“Landlords who use our services do not have to endure the costs, stress and general hassle of managing their property, as our team handles that as part of the lease agreements,” says Ali Mir, A2Dominion’s Temporary Accommodation Officer. “This takes the uncertainty out of the process, which is something a lot of landlords appreciate.”

That’s certainly the case for Finn MacEoin, who has used A2Dominion to manage his property for 16 years. “Being with A2Dominion definitely takes the anxiety out of the process,” he says.

“Sometimes we owners struggle to get access to our own properties, but that’s never been a problem with A2Dominion.

“I’m a long-distance lorry driver so I’m not always in the country, but that is sorted for me too, and I don’t have to worry about being available should something go wrong. If there’s an issue A2Dominion gets straight onto it, deals with it promptly, and we can all move on.”

A key selling point for many landlords is that once a lease starts, they are guaranteed a rental income.

“This means that even if a tenant vacates the property mid-lease, the landlord continues to get their monthly rent whilst we work with the local authority to gain new tenants,” says Ali.

It’s something that Finn appreciates. “I am often approached by other agents who say they can get me a better rental rate,” he says. “But I always say no, as I know it’s not worth it. Their management won’t be as good, and they wouldn’t cover any vacant time in the way A2Dominion do.”

Expanding our portfolio

A2Dominion is always in the process of acquiring and renewing new properties. We aim to renew and acquire properties on three-year leases, and can offer landlords on-going peace of mind throughout that time as we carry out property inspections once every quarter. We are also looking into opportunities for growth outside of our existing boroughs.

In addition, our relationship with local authorities means we can offer most landlords an incentive payment on top of their monthly rental income.

“I have a great personal relationship with A2Dominion staff, and they have a good rapport with the tenants,” says Finn.

“They offer fair prices, I trust them, and I have never had to chase for anything such as the annual rent rise, as they take care of all that for me. Would I recommend them? I do, and I have done several times in the past. I have just renewed my own lease with them and will continue to do so for as long as I am renting out my property.”