Introducing Tenant Satisfaction Measures

In April last year, the Regulator of Social Housing introduced Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs).
Tenant Satisfaction Measures
Tenant Satisfaction Measures
These measures are designed to help tenants see how well their social landlord is performing.

All landlords with over 1,000 homes, are required to publish their results each year, with the first set of results due by June 2024.

There are 22 Tenant Satisfaction Measures that we’ll be reporting on, split into two parts:

· 12 customer perception measures: These will show tenant satisfaction with the services we provide, for example, how well we’ve managed repairs or resolved complaints.

· 10 performance measures: These measures are based on our performance information, for example, how many of our homes meet the Decent Homes standard and how many cases of anti-social behaviour have been reported to us.

The full list of TSMs can be found on the government website.

How have we gathered feedback?

We’ve been carrying out surveys with tenants each month since April last year. This is in line with the guidance set out by our regulator.

We’re now collating and reviewing our results before publishing them on our website in June 2024.

We’ll be using this feedback to help us understand where we need to improve our services and taking action where required.

Looking ahead

From 1 April 2024, we’ll be working with an independent research partner called The Leadership Factor (TLF) who will carry out the surveys on our behalf going forward.

Our residents will be invited to answer a set of 12 questions.

The data collected between 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025 will be published in June 2025.

The responses collected will be used to improve our services.

More information

Further information on the Tenant Satisfaction Measures can be found on the government website.