CASE report analyses the housing challenges and need for more affordable homes

We’ve taken part in a report with other housing associations in the South East of England to highlight the need for more affordable housing in England.
affordable housing
A report by CASE highlights the need for more affordable housing
We’re a member of CASE (Consortium of Associations in the South East) – a group of 12 major housing associations in the UK, representing more than 516,000 customers.

CASE recently produced a report titled The Housing Challenge for the Next Government: Meeting the housing supply delivery gap. It highlights the need for more homes in England and assesses the challenges that any new government will face after the likely general election this year.

Key findings from the report suggest:

  • The next government will inherit a structural deficit of some 1.2 million homes over the next 10 years

  • Almost all the million homes deficit over the past decade is made up of affordable and social tenures, with over 830,000 being social rent

  • In the south east an under-supply of up to 250,000 homes is likely by 2032/33

  • Of the 300,000 new homes needed each year, 150,000 need to be affordable homes

Case has outlined a 5-point plan to increase social and affordable housing supply.

  1. Reintroduce supply targets on local authorities

  2. Tenure sub-targets: create national, regional and local targets for the supply of socials and affordable tenures

  3. Funding: higher grant rates will be needed to tackle the severe shortage of new social homes across England

  4. Shared Ownership: shared ownership should not be displaced by a focus on First Homes

  5. Social rents: a review of the social rent formulae will allow greater certainty and provision of affordable homes.