Collaboration events brings colleagues closer together

We recently put on a series of collaboration events to provide the opportunity for colleagues to connect, share their experiences and contribute to our improvement plans for the future.
Colleague collbaration day
A colleague collaboration day in Ealing
The sessions were hosted by members of our executive management team across locations in Ealing, Oxford, Staines and Winchester.

At the in-person events, colleagues met peers who they often don’t get to see face-to-face and got the chance to learn more about each other’s roles and find out how they can work more collaboratively together.

The interactive sessions also provided the platform for an open discussion about the recent challenges facing the business.

Members of our senior management team, including Ian Wardle, Chief Executive Officer and Kate Gascoigne, Chief Customer Officer, updated colleagues on our priorities going forward and plans to improve our homes and services for customers.

They also took part in a Q&A session and listened to suggestions from colleagues about what they thought was needed to help them work more effectively and deliver high quality customer service.

Antonia Phillips, Interim Head of Complaints and Resolution, said: “It was really good to hear about what's going on across the business, and to have the opportunity to discuss ideas and suggestions with colleagues you wouldn't usually interact with.”

Lucy Thomson, Income Officer, said: “Ian and Kate were very engaging and interesting, they gave lots of information and in a way that held attention and gave plenty of time for questions and comments.”

We also got the chance to recognise colleagues who have gone the extra-mile. Our Colleague Awards recognise outstanding contributions and help to shine a spotlight on excellence, innovation, teamwork and commitment to our values.