Five colleagues shortlisted at the G15 Ethnicity in Housing Awards 2024

Five colleagues have been shortlisted at the G15 Ethnicity in Housing Awards 2024.
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G15 Ethnicity in Housing Awards 2024
This annual awards ceremony recognises and celebrates the outstanding contributions and achievements of colleagues from minority ethnic communities across the G15 group.

Our shortlisted nominees for the 2024 G15 Ethnicity in Housing Awards are:

Future Leader Award: Sanaa Karrar, Team Leader, Specialist Housing

Sanaa Karrar has been nominated twice for her dynamic leadership in developing the Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASC) service from scratch. Known for her compassionate approach and commitment to the community, Sanaa has successfully led her team, fostering a supportive and productive environment. Her ability to have difficult conversations and her lead-by-example attitude have been crucial in enhancing team dynamics and service delivery.

Ethnicity Ally Award: Fiona Hopkins, Anti-Social Behaviour Manager, Homes & Communities

Fiona Hopkins has been recognised for her exceptional efforts to create an inclusive workplace. She ensures her team feels comfortable practicing their religions and beliefs, going the extra mile to provide suitable prayer rooms. Fiona’s understanding and supportive nature have made a significant impact, promoting inclusivity and respect within the workplace.

Supportive Colleague Award: Marjorie Johnson, New Homes Team Manager, Property Services

Marjorie Johnson’s dedication to mentoring and supporting colleagues from diverse backgrounds has been exemplary. As a member of the Access to Opportunities Group, she champions young staff from underrepresented groups, promoting internal development and skill-building. Her efforts have resulted in a diverse and capable workforce, with a strong representation of various backgrounds, faiths, and abilities.

Colleague Resident Focus Award: Yasmeen Ali, Employment Adviser, Homes & Communities

Yasmeen Ali has been nominated twice for her tireless work with residents. She offers one-on-one coaching and support, helping residents prepare for employment and overcome barriers. Yasmeen’s commitment to improving residents' lives is reflected in the positive feedback and success stories she generates. Her collaborative approach and networking efforts significantly benefit the communities she serves.

Inspirational Leader Award: Ola Loremikan, Head of Neighbourhoods (London & TA), Homes & Communities

Ola Loremikan has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership, helping his team develop essential skills and better understand resident needs. His dedication to improving processes and outcomes for residents, despite challenges such as staff shortages, has made him a source of inspiration for many. Ola’s unwavering commitment to advocating for residents’ needs showcases his exceptional leadership qualities.

We also extend our congratulations to all those who were nominated: Esson Barnes, Lilian Buttle, Shivdip Brar, Sandra Hippolyte, Saleh Mirza, Jelani Newell, Kathy Riley and Dele Ryder.

The G15 Ethnicity in Housing Awards ceremony will be held in June, and we wish all shortlisted nominees the best of luck. We will keep everyone updated on the results. The full list of nominees can be found on the G15 website.