A2Dominion signs letter urging energy bill support for social housing households

We have signed up with other leading housing associations across the country, calling for targeted support to protect thousands of people from rising energy bills.
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The Government’s Energy Bill Support Scheme (EBSS) and Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) offered help last year, but rising costs mean that millions of households will be impacted this winter without extra help.

Unfortunately, families on lower incomes will be hit the hardest, and experts have warned that energy bills will remain high despite price reductions announced in July.

From the end of this year people will be paying roughly the same as they did last winter, because while prices are lower the £400 EBSS discount from the Government won’t be available.

Another serious concern is that some groups could be left out of any potential financial support scheme. That’s why it’s vital that the estimated 900,000 households on heat networks, who are not eligible for the Warm Homes Discount, are given the support they need.

Ian Wardle, Chief Executive Officer at A2Dominion said: “Our priority is to provide our customers with safe, warm, and affordable homes. We appreciate the support that Government have provided so far to many low income families, but in the midst of a rising energy bill crisis, it’s right we speak out on their behalf.”

Housing associations have reached out directly to Lord Callanan, the Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, asking for three changes to support those most in need this winter:

  • Expand the Warm Homes Discount eligibility criteria to those on heat networks and without a direct relationship with an electricity supplier.
  • Extend the application deadline for Energy Bill Support Scheme Alternative Funding from 31st May until 31st August 2023.
  • Provide more targeted support through the Energy Bills Support Scheme and Energy Bill Discount Scheme over winter 2023-2024.
We are urging the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to work with OFGEM and energy suppliers to protect thousands of people this winter by extending support to those how need it most.