A2Dominion shortlisted at the West London Business Awards

A2Dominion has been shortlisted for Socially Responsible Corporate of the Year at the West London Business Awards.
Photograph of customers working with A2Dominion staff
Photograph of customers working with A2Dominion staff
The award recognises the Group’s Community Investment programme which aims to ensure residents have better life chances including support into employment, improved health and well-being and being in better connected communities.

A2Dominion offers various programmes to residents including a personal growth programme, supporting them with improved access to critical advice services. The community centres help residents lead healthier lives or gain access to specialist support for better life chances, such as digital inclusion and homework clubs. The DOSH project supports the most vulnerable residents with Debts, Overdrafts and Savings Help and our Enterprise programme helps turn residents’ business dreams into a reality.

Staff are also encouraged to use their volunteer days to support local causes where they can get involved in BIG Impact Days on estates, taking part in activities such as improving communal areas in residential care homes.

The winners will be announced on Friday 8 February 2019 at Twickenham Stadium.