Apprenticeships at A2Dominion

In conjunction with BPP Professional Apprenticeships, the A2Dominion apprenticeship programme has provided opportunities for learning and development across the organisation and has given people a great route into employment.
Clay George
Clay started his apprenticeship with Residential Services in spring 2018 and spent his first year working across three different areas of the department.
Since 2012, A2Dominion has successfully recruited 24 exceptional apprentices in various areas of the business including Housing Services, Facilities, Strategic Procurement and Residential Services.

As well as developing their skillset and gaining invaluable experience necessary to kick-start their career, the programme allows the apprentices to study for a qualification while earning a salary.

Want to be the next A2Dominion apprentice?

To apply for an apprenticeship with us you must be aged 16 or over and show that you can complete the two years of the apprenticeship. There may also be minimum levels of qualifications required. Our current starting salary is £14,950, which increases to £15,450 upon successful completion of your probation.

As an apprentice with A2Dominion, you will be supported by a mentor and join a supportive and growing community of other apprentices across the business through networking days.

The next apprenticeship programme applications round will open in October 2020.

For more information please contact 0800 432 0077 or email

Recent apprentices

We caught up with our recent apprentices to ask them about their journey so far.

Kyra WilliamsKyra

Kyra joined our apprenticeship programme in 2016 and spent two years with the Communications department. Upon completing her apprenticeship, she successfully applied for the role of Housing Assistant at A2Dominion and has been part of the Housing Services team since October 2018.

“I didn’t want to go to university so an apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity for me to learn practical skills as well as improving my confidence. I am more organised, have developed my communication skills and now have a much clearer vision of what I want to do with my career.

“The transferable skills I developed during my time in the Communications team were invaluable and helped me to understand the business and its core values. I knew from early on that A2Dominion was a company that I wanted to continue to work for and commit to.

“The support I received from my mentor, the teams I worked with and the organisation as a whole made me feel really valued. A2Dominion invests more than just money in the apprenticeship programme, is also invests time and genuine passion for the apprentices and how our careers progress.”

Samirah UddinSamirah

Samirah completed the programme in 2018 after studying her apprenticeship within the Housing Services team. She enjoyed a full-time role as Performance Officer at A2Dominion between 2018-19.

“I absolutely loved my apprenticeship as it exposed me to so many different areas of the business. I had placements within the Income team, the Neighbourhood team and the Estates Services team and got a real feel for how the organisation operates.

“I worked with contractors, tenants and senior managers and was trusted with a lot of responsibilities early on which was great for my confidence. The support and guidance I received from all my colleagues was invaluable and I felt very lucky to be part of such a great organisation.

“I’d definitely recommend choosing an apprenticeship as a way to get on the career ladder. I learned so many skills when I was at A2Dominion that helped me develop both professionally and personally.”

Teigan RilleyTeigan

Teigan completed her apprenticeship with the Facilities team at our Ealing office between 2018-19, before accepting a full-time role as a Performance Officer.

“I was originally at college studying IT but felt that it wasn’t the right style of learning for me. When I heard about the apprenticeship at A2Dominion, it seemed the perfect opportunity to train on the job while still being able to gain a qualification and earn a salary.

“As a Facilities Assistant apprentice I worked on making the log book process digital, which was a project I was really proud of. My day-to-day duties included assisting customers while on reception at the Ealing office as well as monitoring the help desk and organising deliveries.

“I joined the Housing Services department as a Performance Officer in January 2020 and am loving every minute of it. I’m in a very welcoming team, feel confident in my role thanks to my experiences as an apprentice and am proud to be a full-time member of staff at A2Dominion.

Clay GeorgeClay

Clay started his apprenticeship with Residential Services in spring 2018 and spent his first year working across three different areas of the department.

“As part of my apprenticeship programme, I worked in private rent-lettings, general needs and resales. Spending four months with each department gave me a very good insight into the company and helped me realise which direction I’d like my career to take.

“At first it can feel like a big step up when you start working in an office environment and have the responsibilities of a full-time job, but I soon settled in quickly and have some really good colleagues who are always there to help.

“I chose an apprenticeship over university as I didn’t want to have lots of debt and the structure of the apprentice programme at A2Dominion really appealed to me. Earning a wage is a great feeling and it’s nice to see the hard work you put in being rewarded.”