New campaign launched to raise awareness about damp and mould

This month, we’ve launched a new campaign to raise awareness about preventing and tackling damp and mould in our customers’ homes.
Damp and mould jpg
We’ve launched a new campaign to raise awareness about preventing and tackling damp and mould
As part of the campaign, we’ve created a new damp and mould information video for our residents and provided a raft of useful information with helpful tips on our customer website.

Take a look at our new video or read more about damp and mould.

Dawn Wightman, A2Dominion’s Director of Homes & Communities, said: “Last year, we set up a dedicated team and started an accelerated programme of inspections and repairs in our homes. This is to help us remedy cases of damp and mould more quickly and effectively.

“Alongside this, we’re raising awareness of steps residents can take to help prevent damp and mould in their home when the issue is not caused by an underlying problem.

“We’ve produced a new video and information materials with useful tips and guidance, and we encourage our residents to take a look at this to find out more.”

Customer safety is our top priority, and it’s our duty to fully investigate, identify the cause and treat any cases of damp and mould in the homes we manage and maintain.

Leaseholders and shared owners are usually responsible for resolving issues with damp and mould in their home in line with their terms of their lease. However, there can be exceptions to this and we’re speaking to affected customers on a case-by-case basis to confirm where responsibility lies.

Cost of living support

We understand the cost-of-living crisis is impacting people’s ability to heat and ventilate their homes. We’re encouraging any customers who have worries about money to get in touch with our Tenancy Sustainment Team as there are many ways we can provide support.