Major new project launched to tackle damp and mould

A2Dominion has launched a major new project to tackle damp and mould in residents’ homes more quickly and effectively
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A2Dominion has launched a major new project to tackle damp and mould
The tragic case of Awaab Ishak from Rochdale in 2020 has been a defining moment for the housing sector, and one which we take extremely seriously.

Dawn Wightman, A2Dominion’s Director of Homes & Communities, said: “Customer safety is our top priority, and we have developed robust plans to ensure we act quickly to diagnose and remedy cases of damp and mould.

“We are also working towards taking a more proactive approach, delivering a planned programme of work going forward.”

Inspections and repairs

Late last year, we started an accelerated programme of inspections and repairs in our homes.

Our initial focus has been on contacting customers who have previously reported damp and mould to check for any outstanding issues. Where this is the case, we’ve been arranging inspections and undertaking remedial work to resolve it.

We have a dedicated team in place to support this work, and they are actively prioritising people in the most vulnerable situations.

Improving our processes and data

As part of our project, we are also reviewing the way we deal with reports of damp and mould to understand where we can make improvements. This includes looking at what resources we need to make sure cases can be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

We’ve already made changes to some of our processes, such as getting more information from customers the first time they contact us. This allows us to better assess the issue and respond more quickly and effectively with inspections, cleaning and repairs.

Strengthening the data we hold on our homes is another priority to help us better understand cases of damp and mould.

Support for customers

We’ve shared information with our customers on how to report damp and mould to us. We’ve also been providing residents with guidance on how to reduce condensation in their homes where this is relevant.

We understand the cost-of-living crisis is impacting people’s ability to heat and ventilate their homes. We are addressing this and have promoted the raft of support available for those who are struggling with their finances.

Repairs responsibility for leaseholders and shared owners

In some circumstances, shared owners and leaseholders may be responsible for resolving issues with damp and mould in their homes, in line with their terms of their lease. We are speaking to customers on a case-by-case basis to confirm where responsibility lies.

More information

If you have any queries about our work on damp and mould please get in touch by emailing us on