Our new strategy is designed to deliver for our customers

We’re outlining our new strategy 2023-2030 to help guide our priorities for the future and ensure all our customers live in safe and high-quality homes.
Ian speaking at roadshow Paddington
Ian Wardle speaking to colleagues in Paddington
We know things have been challenging recently and that’s why it was so important that we took time for the board and our teams to listen to our customers, colleagues, and our stakeholders.

We now have four key priorities to deliver on by 2030.

Our four strategic objectives:

  • Homes and neighbourhoods that are safe, high quality and sustainable
  • Customer care: respond and resolve with respect
  • Development to meet housing needs
  • A strong, sustainable and effective organisation
Moving forward we will invest even greater resources into redevelopment and improvements for our existing customers’ homes. We’ve taken stock of our operating and financial performance, the urgent need to address safety and building quality issues, and the needs of our customers. We are prioritising our activities, to get back to basics and get them right.

Our vision is to provide homes people love to live in. We know that we’ve got some way to go to achieve this for all our customers, but this is our aspiration and vision for our strategy for the future.

CEO Ian Wardle said: “When I joined A2Dominion last year, we spent a lot of time trying to really understand the issues facing customers and the organisation. We’ve been working with the board, involving colleagues, meeting with customers and getting valuable input from our stakeholders to take a really in depth look into our services.

“We can see there are things we’re doing well, but also really important areas where we need to improve. To get to where we need to be for customers, we are all committed to improve what we do and this new strategy gives us a clear action plan so we can provide the best possible service to our customers.”

Our Values:

  • Caring by nature. We put people at the heart of everything we do. We treat everyone as individuals and always seek to do the right thing
  • Working better together. We collaborate, creating opportunities to innovate and improve. We empower people to achieve great results together and we take responsibility for our actions
  • Thinking for tomorrow. We understand and anticipate people’s long-term needs and expectations. We take care to manage the lasting impact we have on everything around us
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