New services to support Spelthorne residents going through difficult times

A2Dominion and Spelthorne Borough Council have joined forces to deliver a new one-stop advice shop to help residents find employment, tackle debt or improve their wellbeing.
Spelthorne debt services
A2Dominion Spelthorne Community Support provides access to a range of advice and support services
A2Dominion Spelthorne Community Support provides access to a range of advice and support services, covering financial, health and legal matters, as well as helping those at risk of homelessness. The initiative is funded by Spelthorne Borough Council and is being initially introduced on a pilot basis until April 2022.

People can be referred to the service by partner organisations, such as social workers, employment advisers, or through local food banks.

They then receive a one-to-one assessment with a trained advisor to fully understand the range of challenges they face, even if these go beyond the issues they initially present with. They will be offered support from over 20 services available through the programme, including:

  • Under 30s money and debt advice service
  • Over 50s money and debt advice service
  • Over 50s complex needs service
  • Housing First – for rough sleepers and adults with complex needs and multiple disadvantages
  • Legal, financial capability and employability support from trusted partners
  • Access to our Spelthorne Borough Hub services, including health and wellbeing services and a wide range of other activities, including a homework club, over 60s social club and fitness groups, available to all Spelthorne residents without referral.
Michael Reece, Executive Director (Operations) at A2Dominion, said: “It’s great that our strong relationship with Spelthorne Borough Council means we can once again work together to help people across the borough. This service combines many types of support that people need access to at the moment, so I’d encourage anyone who is working with someone who could benefit from them to get in touch.”

Anyone who wishes to make a referral to A2D Spelthorne Community Support should email