Welcoming progress - the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge 2022

Representation of minority ethnic people on G15 members’ Boards has increased by 89% in the past two years, according to a report published today (May 12) in the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge 2022.
G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge 2022 report
G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge 2022 report
Members of the G15, including A2Dominion, made a commitment in 2020 to ensure organisations, particularly at senior managerial, leadership and Board level, better reflect the communities in which they operate.

CEOs of each member of the G15 endorsed three key pledges in 2020:

  • We commit to be more visibly diverse at all levels of our organisations
  • We will collaborate to invest and support our minority ethnic talent
  • We will celebrate our achievements.
The report released today (May 12) has found the G15 are on track with their commitments, but everyone recognises more still needs to be done.

Key highlights from the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge 2022 Report:

  • Since the pledge was signed in 2020, the proportion of minority ethnic people on G15 members’ Boards has increased by 89%
  • In 2019, approximately 13% of Board members were ethnic minorities, and this has now increased to 24.6%
  • Members of the G15 are committed to continuing to improve representation at Board level and aim to achieve 30% by 2025
  • 37 colleagues are completing the first Accelerate programme – a high-calibre leadership and development programme for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic managers.
To support the pledge, A2Dominion created a new toolkit to equip all hiring managers with the resources and guidance they need to help ensure broad representation and inclusive recruitment approaches.

We also introduced ‘Director sponsors’ for six ED&I (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) ambitions, which given colleagues a stronger understanding of the ambition and activities in this area.

Geeta Nanda, G15 Chair and CEO of Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH), said: “It gives me real pride to share this update report on how G15 members are implementing and delivering the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge. When I signed this pledge two years ago on behalf of MTVH, I spoke about the responsibility G15 members had to lead the way in promoting and delivering inclusion. By doing so, not only do we support our own minority ethnic colleagues to prosper, but we are also in a better position to serve the communities where we work.”

She added: “This is all welcome progress, and we celebrate the enormous amount of work and the many initiatives that colleagues across our membership are delivering. However, we are acutely aware that there is much more to be done. Our organisations have a unique role in society. We are long-term partners to the places where we work, are custodians of people’s homes, and provide vital support.”

Read the full G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge 2022 report here.