Your wellbeing is extremely important to us, and there are several resources available to you if you need support.

Wellbeing at workAccess our Employee Assistance Programme

You or your immediate family have access to 24-hour support and information that you may need to help you to cope with everyday life challenges. This includes:

  • Stress helpline
  • Structured telephone counselling
  • Referral to face-to-face counselling
  • Referral to serious illness and accident support
  • Tax advice
  • Medical information

The service is accessible by phone, website and app.

Contact our mental health first aiders

Whether you’re working remotely or in one of our offices, our mental health first aiders are a great first port of call to listen and guide you to appropriate resources.

Support at your fingertips

You can find a range of materials, courses and videos about wellbeing and mental health on our online learning platform, the Academy.

Read our wellbeing blogs

Your colleagues from across A2Dominion regularly blog about a range of health topics in our wellbeing blogs.

Get involved

Our wellbeing ambassadors are represented across the business. Contact any one of them if you have any ideas about wellbeing initiatives you would like to see implemented. Some examples of initiatives they’ve run this year include:

  • Together for mental health

Colleagues worked together to organise a packed schedule of events for Mental Health Week. From yoga, meditation, and a laughter session to chats over a cuppa to find out what support is available, we ensured mental health was openly discussed.

I loved the yoga session! I have been doing yoga for the past three years or so. With lockdown I have practiced a bit more frequently because it’s a quiet exercise to do when you live in a flat! The mid-day break to breathe and reset was very much appreciated, and Jen is a wonderful instructor.

  • Stepping up!

This spring, colleagues from across A2Dominion walked, ran and staggered nearly 48 million steps in our first ever team steps challenge. More than 200 colleagues took part and we boosted our team spirit, our physical and mental health and even our competitive spirit!

The steps challenge has been a great initiative and a team challenge I’ve really enjoyed being a part of. The team spirit has been great fun and after such a long time working from home, the extra steps it’s made me get out and do can only have been great for my health too.


My mental health did improve as music; fresh air and a feeling of achievement has made me realise that any exercise is good for me and I can use it as a coping strategy with my challenge with menopause. I will continue to monitor my steps after this challenge is over as I know doing so helps my mind and body.

  • Talking about money

We gathered all our money saving hints and tips to share with our colleagues in support of Talk Money Week to help ease financial worries