The roles

We are recruiting for a range of roles to achieve and maintain building and fire safety in our tall buildings. Our customers' safety is important to us and we are responsible for the safety of thousands of people living in our tall buildings across London and the South East.

Building Safety Manager

If you have experience in at least one building compliance discipline, knowledge of the upcoming Building Safety Act and a commitment to your ongoing learning, this is an incredible opportunity for you to improve the lives of thousands of people.

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Intensive Property Manager (Neighbourhood)

Building effective relationships with, and advocating for, our residents in tall buildings will be your focus in this role. You will need at least two years’ experience of managing buildings, and knowledge of building construction and safety issues.

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Intensive Property Manager (Residential)

These roles are vital in ensuring our tall buildings are managed to the highest possible standards. You’ll be part of our Residential Services department and ensure that building safety works are given the right level of priority. Experience in managing buildings is a must.

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